Monday, January 20, 2014

Art and fan art and some comics!

Another post! Here is a collection of random things i've drawn...some of it is fan art.
I REALLY love Sour Patch Kids I thought it would be fun to redesign the kids with different personalities.

Trying my hand at some Spidey man..I wanted to draw him more bendy and acrobatic like.

I also really love Pippi Longstockings..she's really fun to draw! I was planning to do a few more comics of her being a gross kind of hobo child, but I only ended up doing this one comic.

That's me in a comic called Space/Return.


JK Riki said...

Very cool! I really dig the comic, nice pun. Some of the poses you've got going on throughout the drawings are really great. The Spiderman ones have a really nice "rubber hose" feel. Look forward to seeing more soon!

Hobo Divine said...

Man love those colours and poses on the Space/Return comic.