Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Movember M'art!

Hey so it's Movember! Here are some drawings i did for a new collab tumblr i'm in called 'Shit My Pen Draws' http://shitmypendraws.tumblr.com/ which is also linked to a Movember fundraiser where you can donate and in return receive a commissioned piece of art from one of our groups talented artists!
This freaky dude is 'The Malicious Movember Mischief Maker'
This sexy lady was my first Movember commissioned drawing from Frank!
aannnddd this is just a cute doodle of me in a hat, just cuz.


Frank Macchia said...

beautiful work, chey.
the Movember commissions are a great idea.
Love my sexy mustache girl.
Anyone reading this should grab one too. support a great cause and get a beautiful doodle by the lovely and talented, Cheyenne.
win win.

Céline said...

Yes! Win win!

Nic said...

Yeah that last one is adorable. I have no words.

Andrea Fernandez said...

I really like how you look in that hat hahahaha awesomeness Cheyenne!

bernardo said...

always lovely like a sunshine!