Friday, March 11, 2011

true story..

I know some people have already seen this, but i thought i'd post it up here just for fun :P ..stupid H.pylori ..


Patrick Desilets said...

haha nice

And judging from the x's you didn't just barf you died.
Sending hate mail to your stomach is a pretty cool way to die I'll admit.

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Awww, you had an ulcer?? D:

Joseph Mingoo Lee said...

wow i laughed so hard when i saw this!

sorry to hear about your stomach though X(

Jez Tuya said...

LOL!!! Geeze, this is hilarious!
Hope you get better soon, Cheyenne!

-GFT- said...

Hahaha ! Funny, and not at the same time..! Hope your stomach will understand !

Aaron Fryer said...


Gulzar said...

FUN :)

Ted Blackman said...

....please excuse me while I dry-heave.

Hobo Divine said...

It seems that your letter made Stomach more upset causing a nastier response written in barf!!

Were you able to decode the letter?

I hope You and Stomach managed to resolve your differences.

These drawings are so cool! It's hard to pick a favorite panel but definitely the 4th one made laugh the loudest.

Chenny said...

haha glad you guys think my barfing is so FUNNY! :D

i'm still sick but it's getting a lot better! I stopped sending it hate letters, so that also has made my stomach less angry at me (still being a bitch tho)

the decoded letter probably says "hah, nice try...bring it" now i can't eat pizza anymore :(

i think panel 4 is my fav too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no...
I didn't realize this "true story" was actually a TRUE STORY!

I'm glad you are feeling better.
Again great drawings Chenny!

~ Hobo