Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Wish Thief

Sorry these pics are so crunchy and low res...anyhooz i'm pretty sure these are the main colors for Boots, i made these in flash...i can't decide between giving his face more outlines (like in the first image) or leaving his face with minimal lines (like the second image)..i'm leaning towards more lines, i think it's more readable.


sussman said...

sweet stuff! i think it could look cool with lines as long as theyre not way darker, but in terms of readability if theres enough contrast between the background and the character then it should work i think.. cool work as usual :)

Scott Forbes said...

Looking good!

kathryn durst said...

hehehehe he's so cute :D

Pat Desilets said...

Love that character :)
I prefer with lines I think.

I like your new profile picture too!

MANJAMAN said...

Great design ! Imo, second version looks cooler and more pro.
Btw, just discovered this blog, you have great stuffs over here :)

BambinoMonkey said...

Great style!! I love your stuff

Gulzar said...

I love these stuffs. esp Marceline fanart work.
I love the characters you have in your blog.
warm regards from India

Tophile said...

I just discovered your blog, and I really like the way you draw !
The drawing without outline is more subtle, but I agree with sussman, if it will be enough contrast with the background (i'm thinking about the same thing about the character design of my hero movie)!
Just another questions, there's some good school in USA or in Canada to learn animation ?