Thursday, October 28, 2010

La Vamp

Here's a girl vampire to match my Le Vamp, i think she's classy! Also a little more unclassy Marceline fanart again..*cough*..
Anyways wanna give a HUGE thanks to the new people who have decided to follow my blog, thank you!! please don't be shy to leave a comment! :)


Scott Forbes said...

I love the top vamp, very stylish :P

Juan Bauty said...

Thanks for follow me, your work is excellent too!

Frank Macchia said...

woah. I love that lady vamp.
she looks like a total film noir femme fatale.

nice unclassy Marceline too.
Finn needs to hit. that.

In general Cheyenne, the attention and care youve been putting into your blog lately has been incredible.
amazing posts and frequent updates.
keep up the great work buddy girl.

KAVI said...

so cool ! and your Marceline is really cute !

Bobby Pontillas said...

Love your work!

Elliot said...

The girl at the bottom is terrific.