Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boots and Nyquil

Boots full body pose! i'm not too sure about the colors of his clothes there, im going to do a few more tests:)
Also, i haven't been able to sleep hardly at all this week, its so frustrating!! so much in fact that i drew a picture about it..need me some nyquil.


NiC Parris said...

Boots is lookin awesome! Why can't you sleep something eatin' at cha buddy?

Nico said...

Haha is that Boots' pubes??

Aw, as cute as that insomnia pic is, i really am sad to be hearing that you are having sleep troubles. Maybe you have a lot on your mind? Hope you get some rest soon! :(

Frank Macchia said...

I'm telling you dude. green skin all the way.
such a fun design.

i hope you haven't been huddled in the dark like that chey. I'm sure the sleep will come.
you just need more dancing and more moustaches.

Alana O'Brien said...

Your bottom pic is so adorable, has a slight scot pilgrim vibe! Haha i love it

Alandroide said...

ohhhh! Your draws are very cute!!
Congratulations :)