Sunday, September 12, 2010

bank robbers!

a collab between myself and Nic Parris go check out his awesome work!
We be stealin' monies together!


NiC Parris said...

Now we got to figure out where to stash the cash!

Wayne B. Medina said... can stash all the cash in my wallet? hehehe =)

Hi Chenny! I really really dig your blog.! your characters are awesome and you use of shapes are dope! very charming style =) thank you for following my blog!

So what year are you in Sheridan? if i may ask =)

Joe Lee said...

sweet blog, added you to my reader. now update! :P

i really like the "30" followers piece

C.Deboda said...

Really nice characters you got here on your blog! :)