Sunday, August 8, 2010

ideas and doodlie-doos!

This pic was a total fluke, i drew them not realizing they were starring right at each gave me a cool idea for a kids book though :) i'll post more about that soon!

There's a shitty doodle of Emile, testing out watercolors on this paper i bought..but i thought of a bad kid to be in a story with Emile, i like his bad guy face

trying out this face shape some more and weirdo coloring :P

This was a costume from a Venetian mask book..really neat and creepy masks.


Frank Macchia said...

i like the evil kid's gross yellow cat eyes.
Aqua kid made me "aww" too.

dude. I wish I could keep a sketch book like you.

I'm doomed to doodle on shitty yellow lined paper forever.

Nico said...

These are all fantastic!!!!!! I love the Drifter too, he's badass! You know what I realized the other day, I would have loved to take a pic of you holding up the Scribble and Skarfy I drew in your sketchybook. boo hoo!