Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Just trying out some simple designs...the girl used to have a face but i thought it looked nicer without it


Shigune Matsui said...

Yes, pretty good. I wonder, what kind of tools do you use for drawing? I preferrably like to do the traditional art with pens, mechanical pencils, sketching pencils, anything that will suit my tastes.

The girl in the second drawing reminds me of something you would normally see in an art museum. The girl in the first reminds me of what you would normally see in an animated movie: CGI or traditional.

Scott Forbes said...

You know I love these... but yeah that first one is awesome!

Chenny said...

Thanks Scott :)

Shigune-i don't have any specific material i like better than others, just whatever works :P For these illustrations i actually sketched them up and colored them in photoshop with my tablet.

sussman said...

cheyenne!cool stuff i think the second one, if she had maybe even a small circle for an eye, it would probably be enough (and simple) or a dot? i like the first one alot, cuz a nice texture and sense of character :)