Saturday, May 1, 2010

3rd year rant and sketch's

Well school is finally over..what a year. A year full of ups and downs..I never thought in a hundred years that working on a group film with 11 other people who all have different tastes in pretty much everything would be so hard. It was physically and mentally draining..but I think the hardest part wasn't the work, but having to work with so many people so closely. I learned that even the most difficult, tedious work can be done without wanting to kill anyone as long as you're doing it with people you trust will do a good job, and are just awesome to be around. As soon as you start to work with people who don't listen, or care or just have bad attitudes, that's when even the easiest task becomes hell. I'm guessing this is why studio's tend to hire friends and people who have the same tastes in art and movies and stuff...cause it is damn hard to make a film with someone who loves all the movies you hate ;)
Other than that, my art has been a little scarce except for doodles here and there. The crazy colored fox one is just an idea for 4th year...and the other sketches are kinda random :) The chick with the purple hair is just a passing thought of what HitGirl (Kick-Ass) would be like when shes older. I figured shes so bad ass as a little girl, that she'd be like, extra raunchy and crazy as a teen...hhmm..


Scott Forbes said...

Glad to see some new art from you Cheyenne!
I've yet to see KickAss - once I'm done with my work I will. Is that your Inuit kid from your AA? Glad to see the pug cameo too ;-)

Anyways, post more and good luck with the internship!