Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have this dream of doing children book illustrations, so here are some pics i'm doing to potentially send to Scholastic! For the rain one i couldn't decide whether i liked the heavier shadows, or the lighter ones...decisions, decisions..


Scott Forbes said...

Charming work as always!

Nico said...

You draw so adorable that it should almost be illegal!

Frank Macchia said...

I say go for the it some depth and more of that rainy day sort of mood.

great stuff chenny. haha thanks for the sneak peek too.

semester back in full swing? say hi to Oakville for me. oh how i miss the stench of 1229

James Sugrue said...

These are so nice! Great job!

Chenny said...

Thanks Scott! im glad the pics are getting positive feedback hehe..

Nico-if it were illegal, then i'd be an outlaw..and that would be bad ASS!

Frank-i know what you mean about the mood, but someone mentioned that they almost looked "caught in car headlights" which...wouldn't be the happiest little picture..and yeah, back to animation..(im going to send you a concoction of bottled 1229 smells..good n bad)

James-Thanks for the comment :)