Saturday, February 20, 2010

crappy weirdo comic's been a difficult month...


sdc said...

lol very nice

never get discouraged
you are very talented and i love your style
your art inspires me
keep it comin

Frank Macchia said...

I feel you Chenny.
But on the positive side, your experiences spawned another masterpiece.

You've perfectly captured the mystical journey of an artist.

don't worry and keep the fantastic draws coming. You'll get to where you wanna be. I take one look at your work and have no doubt about it.

Chenny said...

Sean- thank you, it's always great to hear you say that (sorry it has to be so much hehe) your art inspires me too, and i hope one day my comics can be as awesome as yours!

Frank- masterpiece? haha hardly ;) but thank you so so much so for the inspirational words, hopefully where i wanna be isn't in a cave far away, cause that cave is looking purdy sweet right about now...kidding...*cough*...

Anna Bron said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! this made me laugh out loud so much! I LOVE IT!!! Cheyenne, you are brilliant!