Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I love pugs...a lot...and if i were to get one it would have to be named piddles...piddles the peepee pug.


Nico said...

LOL!!!!! aww.

Aparajita said...

heehee they are all so miserably cute looking :P
i checked out that video-massive swerve- its so disturbing..haha the rave i went to wasn't all like that

XAV said...

eheh, il a une bonne tête ton chien.

XAV said...

Tres tres beau ce dessin.

Chenny said...

merci merci!! i'm going to try and push the design further and really exaggerate his "pugness"

Frank Macchia said...


thank's for joining my blog...When I followed your link to your corner of the blogoshpere I was overwhelmed by amazing new things to look at. Love your work. I'm looking forward to digging through your older posts.

and you go to sheridan? that makes us paizanos...countrymen--.. er...countryPEOPLE.

what year of the animation program are you in? I just got outta there last year.

I love the pugs...I'm always amazed at how alien they look...a dog from another planet.