Sunday, December 20, 2009

poor Cecil

Once again Cecil (our main character from our third yr film) has gone through reconstructive surgery...i think he's fed up with it. Here are some really quick sketches exploring his face and expressions..i think i like him with the shorter neck better...and maybe more hair...he's kinda pulling a bit of a TinTin look right now.


Nico said...

haha COOL! Awesome design! I like all the designs of him so far, it's kinda hard to choose which one I like best actually. This is definitely a cartoonier version of him, whereas the others were a bit cuter and more quiet-looking. Again, I can't wait to see the end result of this film

Chenny said...

Thanks! Yeah the old design worked because our film was more serious, and you could sympathize more with his cute face...our new version of the film is super silly, so we kinda went for a more goofy "screw-up" kindof character...but you never know, i'm sure in a month he'll change again!

Anna Bron said...

yeah, he's got the Tintin hair going on. I like this version, though I think he looks a bit too mature and serious for the comical style you guys are going for. I really like the colored ones you did, so pretty