Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Gifties!

Here's the other picture I said I was working on for ladies dance! I'm thinking I made Scribble's face a bit too cute, still hope you like it Nico :)


Nico said...

Chenny.. you're KILLING me here. This makes my entire day. I love how you take my usual stiff "standing straight up and down" characters and breathe such fluid life into them! Both ladies are so so SO cute here. That is a super-cute version of Scribble's face but it totally works fine! She can be completely cute.. when she WANTS to be. Haha!

Thank you so sooo much for this Cheyenne! If you really like drawing them, I implore you to do more! I might even DOUBLE-DARE you to do more. hoo hoo!!

thank you so much, again!
Your friend

Chenny said...

Your welcome!! Thank you for this lovely comment, you really know how to make a girl feel special!

Your characters are NOT stiff, you have a marvelous sense of flow and design that originally inspired me to draw your amazing characters in the first place!

So if you double dare me to draw them more...i TRIPLE dog dare YOU to draw them more as well, you're the creator! ;)

Nico said...