Monday, July 20, 2009

What's this!?

ohhh yeah..this..I was supposed to finish this with watercolor but never got around to that I look at it I dont really like it anymore..maybe it will look better painted...or maybe it will look the trash!! and by trash I mean safetly tucked away under my bed.


Vince M said...

Harley is cute. Ivy is the one that needs work. I hope you finish this one and share it with us.

Chenny said...

yeah she does look weird to me too, i dont even know what kind of outfit i have her in! i have another sketch of ivy brushing her hair and harley is standing behind her dangling a spider over head giggling..i think i'll color that one instead, brings out more character anyways =P

Amir Avni said...

Nice personalities and curves in this drawing!
It's one of my favorites from you,
I actually like Ivy more because of the face, you managed to give her a totally specific yet clean and appealing look. which is monumental hard to achieve with a pretty girl. at least for us guys who draw them all the same, girls draw the best girls.
I think all you need here is flat UPA coloring, a nice blocky red stripe would make Ivy's hair faster to read, although it reads well now.